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Helping Your Home Recover After Flooding

If your basement is flooded, your first instinct may be to rush downstairs to rescue your belongings. However, there are some significant safety hazards that can come with standing water.

Before taking any action, check for the following safety concerns:

  • Are any outlets, circuits, or electrical appliances under water? If so, contact an electrician immediately, and DO NOT go in the water.
  • What is the source of the water? If the water in your basement is caused by a flood, DO NOT go downstairs. The floodwaters could contain harmful bacteria, chemicals, or sewage.
  • Is your home serviced by a gas line? If the flooding was caused by a natural disaster, your gas line could be damaged. Turn off the gas to be safe. If you have any reason to suspect a gas leak, contact the gas company immediately and don’t use any tool or light source that could cause a spark.

    First Steps for Restoration

    If you’re able to determine a specific cause of the flooding, take action to stop the source of the water. For example, flooding caused by a pipe leak can be stopped by shutting off the main water supply.

    If your basement has only a few inches of “clean” standing water, such as from a home water pipe break, remove belongings quickly and take them outside to dry if possible. Furniture that is difficult to move can be separated from water by propping it up on blocks or wrapping foil or plastic wrap around the legs.

    After you have done what you can to keep yourself and your family safe, reach out to our team. Bright Light Restoration can help people with homes affected by flooding in the Murrieta, CA area. We’ll be there to help you through the disaster.

    Get advice on how to clean up after a flood. Call Bright Light Restoration at (951) 384-1446.

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